Sidebar Checkbox List With Bullet Points

With Sidebar Checkbox List template can create up to 10 different check lines. The template also has 3 different bullet points styles. You can choose between 2 different reveal animation options (from the left or from the right).

You can choose between two different reveal animation options (from top or bottom) and between two different social media icons styles.

Theme Options

Universalized expressions

All expressions used in this template are universalized to work properly in all languages.

Smart controls

You can modify the size, text, position, colors, and use your favorite social media network logo.

Responsive design

Responsive design is enabled so you can stretch or shrink the .mogrt duration directly in the Premiere’s Pro timeline (this function is supported only in version CC 2019 and above).


You don’t need any additional plugins to use this template.

Preview music

Music used in preview video is not included in the template, but can be download separately.